You don't have to subject yourself to hourly billing. You are in complete control of the costs up front. And, you pay nothing until Step #4. Here's how it works.

Step #1: What's your plan?

When we begin to work together the first thing I'll want to do is to review your marketing plan. If you don't have one you'll need to get one. I will be happy to write a plan with you. I believe in having a plan. Read about why in Truths About Achieving Marketing Success.

Step #2: What are your needs?
Each organization has it's own unique needs when it comes to marketing. So, the next thing I need to learn is what your needs are. What is it you want to get done but can't? Where are your weaknesses? This is when you tell me what needs you want me to address for you.

Step #3: Choosing your service.
I'll give you a quote for a range of service package options based on what you've asked me to do. You decide which package is the right value for you.

Step #4: Getting Started.
You pay nothing until you sign up for service and, you can terminate service at any time. Read SERVICE TERMS & OPTIONS. Your service package stays flexible and can change when you decide you need it to change. You're in control.